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14 December 2022
Horizon Europe - Industry 2023 Brokerage event

Long Term Matchmaking

Long term matchmaking  runs until 31 March 2023.

  • If you are registered for this event, please follow the point 5 (below) to arrange your meetings. Remember, that only the Invitee can propose the exact time of the meeting, so if necessary, inform about your availability using the optional message window.
  • If you are new to this event, please register first and follow all the instructions below.

    How It Works

    A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed. 20 minutes are usually enough to build connections, pinpoint collaboration interests and move on to the next talk.

    1. Online registration

    Registration is quick and easy. Just click here.

    2. Publish an interesting profile

    Publish a concise but informative profile to raise your visibility at the event. A good profile highlights your expertise and what you can offer to potential partners.

    Informative, high quality profiles will lead to better meetings. Good profiles attract hundreds of visits before & AFTER the event.

    Your profile will be automatically visible as soon as you save it.

    3. Marketplace

    The Marketplace is where you can publish your project cooperation ideas, expertise offers, and other cooperation needs. The following cooperation offer types are available: 

    • Project Cooperation*: Horizon Europe & Digital Europe AI TEF project ideas for which would like to search for at least one further partner for your consortium. Project cooperation ideas may be initiated by:
      • Consortium looking for a partner in a specific topic
      • Partner looking for a consortium in a specific topic
    • Expertise*: You have specific expertise and are willing to participate in an Horizon Europe project (e.g. expertise that may be needed in many call topics). 

    4. Promotion of published profiles

    All Face2Face profiles will be accessible online. Your cooperation offers will be visible on the marketplace. These pages will attract numerous visitors during consortium building for Horizon Europe.

    Use our graphics template on social media to publicize the opportunity to meet you at Digital-Industry-2021.

    You can update your profile at any time.

    5. Browse participants, send & receive meeting requests

    Browse published project ideas and participant profiles. Send meeting requests to those you want to meet during the event (and after the event during the long term networking phase).

    Check your meeting requests regulary and accept/decline them well in advance.

    6. At the event

    Access your meetings in My Agenda, where you have your complete schedule for the event and the list of your meetings. Check your camera and microphone and don't be late!

    How to start a virtual meeting?

    Technical requirements for Virtual meetings

    Happy matchmaking!

    Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.

    Closed since 31 March 2023
    Organised by
    Participants 708
    Meetings 375
    Türkiye 146
    Spain 106
    Italy 54
    France 44
    Portugal 42
    Poland 33
    Germany 32
    Belgium 31
    Finland 21
    Greece 20
    Netherlands 17
    Denmark 16
    Austria 15
    Ireland 15
    United Kingdom 14
    Cyprus 12
    Romania 11
    Israel 10
    Switzerland 8
    Lithuania 7
    Hungary 6
    Czech Republic 6
    Sweden 6
    Slovenia 4
    Tunisia 4
    Ukraine 4
    Bulgaria 3
    Luxembourg 3
    Iceland 2
    Croatia 2
    Latvia 2
    Norway 2
    South Africa 2
    Armenia 1
    Brazil 1
    Georgia 1
    Estonia 1
    Malta 1
    Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
    Azerbaijan 1
    Colombia 1
    Slovakia 1
    Albania 1
    Total 710
    Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) 207
    Research organisation 153
    University 133
    Industry / Large Enterprise 110
    Consultant 45
    Other 27
    Association/Agency 19
    Government 16
    Total 710
    Profile views
    Before event 6591
    After event 2552
    Total 9143