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14 December 2022
Horizon Europe - Industry 2023 Brokerage event
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Open until 31 March 2023

Long term matchmaking available until 31 March 2023

Project Idea Check reopened until 13 March 2023

NCP4Industry, the network of Cluster 4 - Industry National Contact Points is organising a brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings complementing the European Commission's Horizon Europe Information Day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space with a 2023 deadline.  

The third series of Horizon Europe calls is around the corner, and the Work programme 2023-2024 will be launched at the event of November. A series of events will be held in December 2022 to support your participation.

The calendar of the next Information day and brokerage events on Cluster 4, includes:

12-14 Dec 2022

Information day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space

14 Dec 2022Brokerage Event - Industry 2023
(Destination 1 and 2)

15-16 Dec 2022

Brokerage Event - Digital 2023
(Destination 3,4 and 6)
08 Dec 2022Brokerage Event - Space 2023
(Destination 5)

    This brokerage event is a unique networking opportunity for actors in the INDUSTRY fields!

    For the brokerage event in Digital, please visit: digital2022.b2match.io 
    or brokerage event in Space, please visit:

    Why participate?

    • get the latest information from the European Commission
    • meet thousands of organisations interested in participating in Horizon Europe 
    • build quality partnerships for participating in  Industry calls across Horizon Europe 
    • facilitate the setup of project consortia to respond to these calls for proposals
    • discuss and develop new project ideas at international level
    • acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
    • promote your research results, technologies and know-how

    Who can participate?

    Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes worldwide working in the Industry sector, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners.

    Main topics 

    The call topics indicated in the brokerage system refer to the following work programmes.

    Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Work Programme *

    • Destination 1: Climate neutral, Circular and Digitised Production 
    • Destination 2: Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains for Resilient Industry

    * PLEASE NOTE: Industry topics are present across all pillars of Horizon Europe, other collaboration opportunities can be explored, as well. If you would like to find partners for other areas, please visit other Horizon Europe brokerage events.


      • Advanced green and digital technologies for manufacturing
      • Climate neutral energy intensive process industries
      • Hubs for circularity
      • Disruptive Technologies for Construction Sector
      • Raw Materials for EU open strategic autonomy and successful transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy
      • Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) Chemicals and Materials
      • Strategic innovation markets driven by advanced materials
      • Improving the resilience of EU businesses, especially SMEs and Startups


      • Made in Europe Partnership
      • Processes4Planet Partnership
      • Clean Steal Partnership
      Organised by
      Participants 710
      Meetings 388
      Turkey 146
      Spain 106
      Italy 54
      France 44
      Portugal 42
      Poland 34
      Germany 33
      Belgium 31
      Finland 21
      Greece 20
      Netherlands 17
      Denmark 16
      Ireland 15
      Austria 14
      United Kingdom 14
      Cyprus 12
      Romania 12
      Israel 10
      Switzerland 8
      Lithuania 7
      Hungary 6
      Czech Republic 6
      Sweden 6
      Slovenia 4
      Tunisia 4
      Ukraine 4
      Bulgaria 3
      Luxembourg 3
      Iceland 2
      Croatia 2
      Latvia 2
      Norway 2
      South Africa 2
      Armenia 1
      Brazil 1
      Georgia 1
      Estonia 1
      Malta 1
      Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
      Azerbaijan 1
      Colombia 1
      Slovakia 1
      Albania 1
      Total 712
      Industry / Large Enterprise 110
      Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) 208
      University 133
      Research organisation 154
      Government 16
      Association/Agency 19
      Consultant 45
      Other 27
      Total 712
      Profile views
      Before event 6591
      After event 2270
      Total 8861